Turkey is a country that connects Asia and Europe, exhibiting characteristics of a small continent in terms of biological diversity. It has seven geographic regions, each with distinct ecosystems and climates.


Biological invasions are one of the most important components of the current global change and a serious threat to the conservation of biodiversity and to the functioning of ecosystems, apart from the socio-economic problems they involve. The rapid detection of potentially invasive species in the region is of great importance in order to prevent major infestations and reduce the potential impacts they may cause. The aim of this project is to collect information on the distribution of a group of alien species in Turkey and to raise public awareness.

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How to participate

Joining the BioBlitz on alien species in Türkiye is very easy!

Just follow these three steps:

1. Download the iNaturalist app (for android or iOS) to your smartphone or tablet, access the web iNaturalist.org through your computer, and create an account.

2. You can join the Türkiye Alien Bioblitz 2023 project in iNaturalist to keep track of the observations made by you and by other volunteers involved.

3. During the weekend from May 26th to 28th, record all your observations using the inaturalist app though photographs of the invasive alien species in Türkiye that you detect.

The project will be open beyond this weekend, so whenever you find one of these invasive alien species, take the opportunity to continue documenting it in the project at iNaturalist.


Esra Per (esraper@yahoo.com)

Gökçe Coşkun (gokcecoskun@mail.com)

Project funded by:

COST Action CA17122: increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science. alien-csi.eu