The BioBlitz event site is located along the north coast of Sardinia, between the Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte and Platamona pond, both at the north-west Sardinia, and Foce del Liscia (north-east Sardinia). The study area is characterized by a sandy coastal dune with natural vegetation and reforestation/afforestation with pines and Carpobrotus. From a vegetational point of view, the most developed formation is the coastal pine forest, attributable to priority habitat 2270 * (Dunes with forests of Pinus pinea, Pinus pinaster), which occupies the entire internal portion of the site. Proceeding towards sea, there is a well-developed strip of juniper forest, which is the 2250 * priority habitat (Coastal dunes with Juniperus spp.).

The Porto Conte regional park, is a protected area founded in 1999, covers 50,000 hectares of coast and hinterland of Alghero. The territory is mostly flat and includes 60 kilometers of coastline, alternating sandy beaches with steep cliffs.

Platamona is one of the most important wetlands in northern Sardinia surrounded by juniper trees and pines, (where Site of Community Importance (SIC) overlap with Special protection Areas for birds - SPA in accordance with the Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds (Council Directive 79/409/EEC; 2009/147/EC) and extends over 1,618 hectares. The pond of Platamona is about three kilometers long, has a maximum width of 250 meters and an area of 95 hectares. The largest part of the SIC is therefore made up of the sandy coast, the dune system and an extensive retro-dune depression that houses the Platamona pond.



How to participate

Joining the BioBlitz of invasive species in Sardinia is very easy!

Here there are the main steps you may need:

1. Download the iNaturalist app (for android or ios) to your smartphone or tablet or you could access the web iNaturalist through your computer and create an account.

2. You can join the BioBlitz - Sardegna 2023 to keep track of the observations made by you and other volunteers involved.

3. During the weekend from May 26th to 28th, record all your observations using the iNaturalist app though photographs of the invasive species in Sardinia that you detect.

More detailed instructions on how to use iNaturalist for the BioBlitz - Sardegna 2023 iNaturalist project on invasive alien species in Sardinia are provided in the iNaturalist project landing page (in italian). Also, check our University  UNISS BioBlitz website and join us! 

Participants can register to attend at the following address:

Project funded by:

COST Action CA17122: increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science.